Cambridge English
Open Day

Venerdi 25 settembre 2015 dalle 12.00 alle 19.00

Rinascimentiamo Gallery

Piazza San Simeone 5 Viterbo

Elizabeth Crawford
Insegnante di Inglese Madre-Lingua


Elizabeth's English Club 

Farewell Party :)) 12.12.12

Wednesday 12th December 2012
3a via Aventina, Int. 6

Open House - 18.00-24.00

After 10 "decadent" years on the Aventino/San Saba in Rom
Elizabeth would love to have a brindisi with you to say goodbye
to old Rome (2002-2012)... and hello to new Rome... Istanbul :))

No gifts please- Bring a Bottle :))
Mofid will create his "Tallusa" in my kitchen so food is on offer
for those who wish to buy a tasty and delicious Palestinian dish
freshly prepared :)))

Ana Luisa, Laura, Evyan, Fiona, Egizio, Jack  - no bottle - can you please bring a Jewish sweet :))

RainbowRed heart

Palestinian Starter/Main Dish
Jewish Sweet

Elizabeth Red rose
Shula  Cat face(la principessa Araba) & 
Bina  Cat face(la principessa Ebrea)


Dear English Club Friends!
An invitation full of laughs, lust and love :)))

This Sunday 9th December 2012

Matinee performance 5pm (17.00)
Teatro L'Arciliuto
Piazza Montevecchio 5 (near Piazza Navona)
Special English Club Rate 10 euros :)

Ford Entertainment presents


by Moira Buffini
Directed by Douglas Dean

A serio-comic look at two thousand years of human folly in 90 minutes. Saucy, powerful and hilarious, LOVEPLAY makes a voracious search through time and history and challenges the whys and ways we aspire to love.

Although the time-scale is great, the location remains the same plot of land in what is now London. 10 scenes takes place in one London location: over the centuries it moves from Roman temple to medieval abbey, elegant town house, Victorian studio and 1960s squat, eventually becoming a modern dating agency. Loveplay gives us a uniquely philosophical view about the need and desire humans have for carnal and spiritual love. The constant factor is the quest, often doomed, for love and sex. Witty, inventive, philosophical, sexy, serious, and playful, Loveplay is pure elixir for the soul.

See you directly at the TheatreThumbs up
Red rose


Dear English Club Friends
The English Theatre of Rome
Special Rate - 10 euros

Friday 26 October 2012-  8pm (20.00)

The Great Gatsby

by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Conceived and directed by Gaby Ford 
with the co-direction by
Molly Zimmelman and Elizabeth Saragnese

John Cabot University (Trastevere)
via Lungara 233

Let's enjoy this entertaining epic !!
A drink will be offered if you come dressed 20s style :)


English Club

Autumn Clearance - Everything Must Go....
Surprised smile

Household Objects - Books -
Miscellaneous Stuff
- Clothes/Jewellery
Free or 1-5 euros

Sunday 30 September 2012 - domenica 30 settembre 2012
5pm to 9pm -17.00-21.00

Vi offro un bicchiere di Prosecco Cocktail
Elizabeth Red rose


Summer 2012 Closing Party

On The Roof Top of my Building
English Club - 3a via Aventina

Saturday 21 July 2012
9.00pm-11.00pm  (21.00-23.00)

Bring your own dish - Free:))
Mofid's Light Dinner:
Yellow Riso with Fruit
Hummus & Arab Bread
Fresh Delicious Tabulé
(10 euros)

Let's Enjoy Mixing and Mingling
on one of the best Rooftops in Rome:))
Everyone Bring a Bottle :))
There is no intercom (citofono) 
Please arrive on time!!

NoteWe can go dancing at:Note
Festa Caracalla PD or Roma Vintage 2012

Red rose Elizabeth

Miracle Players


Friday 20 July 2012 at 7.30pm

See you directly there :))
Red roseElizabeth


Dear English Club Friends
Let's enjoy an evening of laughs together with the 

"Loopy Ladies"

Thursday 31st May 2012 at 8pm

Teatro Arciliuto
Piazza Montevecchio 5
(near piazza Navona)
Club Rate: 12 euros


Dear English Club Friends

Monday 30 April  2012 at 8pm


The conclusion of the Beginning, Ending and Aftermath Trilogy.

Directed by Matthew T. Reynolds
and devised with Caterina Bertone, Chiara Giuliani,
Veejay Kaur, Adrian Moore, Rita Neveckaite, Sarah Tighe,
Francesca Maggi, Savis Joze Sadeghian & Theodora Voutsa.

Each piece, provocatively indifferent to each other, ranges from an optimistic psychopath, a wannabe Frigidaire to a milk obsessed expat.
A hilarious evening exploring consequences of inter-dimensional nonsense.

"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction" -Sir Issac Newton
English Theatre -Teatro Arciliuto
Piazza Montevecchio 5
( Club Rate 12 euros)
Hope to see you on Monday evening Thumbs up


Dear English Club Friends

Sunday 25th March 2012 at 8pm 

La Natura Morta

By Bart Bolander

Directed By Molly Zimmelman

Featuring Vlad Beffa, Dave Folsom, Zita Meluso,
Steve Nacher, Rita Neveckaite, Elizabeth Saragnese, Madeleine Taylor, & Theodora Voutsa

Seeking to correct a “mistake,” Claire turns to the predatory Scarlett
and her scam-artist schoolmates who promise to cure her, just so long as she can stay still long enough to watch their ‘performance art’ bring to the surface a hollowness that we should all, sooner or later, dress up for.

English Club rate 12 euros
See you directly at the Teatro Arciliuto


Dear English Club Friends

Saturday 11 February at 5.30pm

The Rome Savoyards

Arsenic & Old Lace

A comedy by Joseph Kesselring

Directed by Sandra Provost

Teatro San Genesio
Via Podgora 1 (near Viale Mazzini)

See you at the theatre on Saturday !! Smile

Special English Club Rate 10 euros


A Toast for the New Year
Un brindisi per l'Anno Nuovo 2012!!

Ognuno porta da bere Cocktail

Un incontro dopo le vacanze
A meeting after the holiday

Open House English Club
All Welcome - Tutti Benvenuti !

via Aventina 3a Int. 6 - 19.00-22.00

Domenica 8 gennaio - Sunday 8 January


Dear Friends

Before Christmas my small English Club will host 
Two special events!!

Saturday 17 December 2011 - 8pm

Mofid's Special Palestinian Dinner

Hommos, Tabuleh, Riso, Kafta, Nammurah, Torta di Cocco
15 euros

As you know Mofid is a great cook and storyteller 
and I hope other friends
from the Arab world will share their stories about 
the Arab Spring....
There will be time for Song &  Dance..
..perhaps a surprise Belly Dance Performance by me
Party smile

Next day.......

Special Christmas Mini Market

Sunday 18 December
- 16.30-20.30

Entry 2.50 euros - Coffee & Tea will be served

Perfect Christmas Presents & Gifts!
Alessandra - Beautiful Ceramic Chess Games & other Handmade Objects
Steven - Fine quality materials hand selected from India
Carlo & Assunta will prepare ready made baskets 
full of delicious food&wine


We Are All One under the same Sun Sun

Friday Happy Hour Aperitivo

English Club, 3a via Aventina Int. 6

Menu Plate by Yuri & Manuele
11 euros

Facciamo una bella Festa insieme for "Peace&Love"
We Are All One 
Sun 11.11.11
No More Wars!

Elizabeth la Strega Scozzeze Party smile
 Shula la princepessa Araba  Cat face
Bina la princepessa Ebrea
 Cat face


Dear English Club Friends:

Back by popular demand!

The Rome Savoyards  



A comedy in two acts by Neil Simon

Directed by Sandra Provost

Sunday 6 November 2011 at 17.30

Teatro San Genesio, Via Podgora 1

Dear English Club Friends

Sunday 23 October 2011-5.30pm to 10.30pm
Domenica 23 ottobre 2011 - 17.30 - 22.30

Mini Market

English Club - 3a via Aventina Int. 6

Star  Starring :

Andrea from Argentina

with her gorgeous handmade, handpainted unique bags, scarves, belts, tops and pareos

Alessandro Liuzzi - Photographer


Delicious Homemade Marmalade and Chutney


Wine - Truffle & Honey

Come Enjoy The English Club Mini Market

All welcome - bring a friend
Entrance: two people - 5 euros
one person 3 euros
A glass of prosecco will be offered Cocktail

Hope to see you on SundaySun



Dear English Club Friends
The English Theatre is still running this week !! 

The Heidi Chronicles

Wendy Wasserstein
Directed by
Gaby Ford

Friday 7 October 2011 - 8.00pm
Saturday 8 October 2011 - 8.00pm
Sunday 9 October 2011 - 5pm and 8pm

I went to the Opening Night - A Must See!
Teatro Arciliuto, Piazza Montevecchio 5 
(near piazza Navona)
Tickets 12 euros - RSVP


Special English Club Invitation 
Everyone Welcome !!

Domenica 11 settembre 2011
9/11....10 years on....10 anni dopo...

Open House

English Club
3a via Aventina
6pm - 12pm / 18.00 - 24.00

Everyone bring something Red heart
Ognuno porta qualcosa 

Music and Song 

Harold, Min Ji, Mona, Inas, Tom, Rashmi, Maria Rosa, Dina, Elisabetta, Stefano, Cico, Saleh, Samir.... e qualcosa spontaneo Note

Da mangiare - to eat....Plate ...Be right back

Elizabeth- piatto Inglese !!?Confused smile
Andrejka - piatto da Slovakia
Ahmad - piatto da Gaza
Jude - piatto da Haiti

Yoram - piatto Israeliano
Dina - piatto da Khazkhistan
Assem - piatto Lebanese

Laura - piatto Americano
Nasiba - piatto Afgano
Ana Luisa - piatto Brasiliano
Maria Rosa - piatto Messicano
Linda - piatto Iraniano
Numero uno Leo & Yuri - piatto Italiano...

Please bring your own drinkCocktail....
Life is For Sharing....Sun

In the last 10 years I have chosen 
these 10 Special People and you?
  1. Nina Simone
  2. Mother Africa - Miriam Makeba
  3. Michael Jackson
  4. Paul Newman
  5. George Carlin
  6. Mamhoud Darwish
  7. Edward Said
  8. Spike Milligan
  9. Billy Wilder
  10. Amy Winehouse
Thank you Jude for the wonderful speech by Mike Prysner......
hoping as always for a World of Peace&LoveRainbowRed heart


Dear English Club Friends

For those of you who are still in Rome!
I suggest a fun gathering this Friday Smile

Friday 8th July 2011 7.30pm
The Miracle Players

See info below - be there - don't be square!

The Seven Kings of Rome is performed at 7:30 PM (prompt) in front of the Mamertine Prison at the Roman Forum every Friday from June 24 to August 5, 2011. Entrance is free and you do not need tickets or reservations.


Dear English Club Friends

Special Dinner Party before
the Summer Holidays

Thursday 23 June 2011 8.00pm
Giovèdi 23 giugno 2011 alle 20.00

Mofid's delicious Palestinian meal:
Tabbuleh (insalata di grana)
Hummod (crema di ceci)
Riso Arabo
Kafta - polpettine di carne macinata

A gathering - to talk about tales, to think about our dreams and our desires those of today and those in the future....
E' un incontro - raccontiamo per pensare dei nostri sogni e nostri desideri
qual e' oggi e qual' e il futuro....

mastichiamo, beviamo, parliamo e sentiamo i ritmi dei nostri cuori....

La Verità vi prego sull’Amore
Fotografie Diaporama  di Alessandro Liuzzi

Nel corso della serata verrà recitata la poesia:
O Tell Me The Truth About Love
La verità, vi prego, sull'amore (W.H.Auden)
Musiche Matteo Allegretti 

Cost 15 euros

Next September I would like to develop my 
English Club Salon 
with many different happenings!
You are welcome to make any suggestions:

Art/Photo Exhibitions
Sales of homemade drinks, food, clothes,jewellery etc
Discussion Groups
Readings - Poetry Recitals

Happy Summer Holidays!Sun

Elizabeth, Shula & Bina Cat face


Dear English Club Friends

English Theatre
Friday 10th June 2011 8pm

Group rate of at least 10 people: 10 euros

The End is Nigh

Devised with and Directed
by Molly Zimmelman 

The World Premier of The End is Nigh showcases a dynamic ensemble cast of writers and actors each performing their own original monologue on the theme of ‘endings.’ Whether you believe the end to be nigh, distant, or never, this production will provide you with a means to an end in the way you consider the mysterious nature of endings.

The End is Nigh is the second part of a triliogy created by Matthew Reynolds Featuring: Kathy Ball-Toncic, Bart Bolander, Anna Butterworth, Benjamin Stender, Stephanie Tyrel, Matthew Reynolds and Giovanna Maya Vassallo. 

Teatro Arciliuto
Piazza Montevecchio 5
(near Piazza Navona)

Dear English Club Friends

Peace & Love Dinner Party
Saturday 14 May 2011 at 9pm

3a via Aventina
With Special Guest

Harold BradleyNote

You may have seen Harold in Nanni Moretti's latest film Habemus Papam as one of the Cardinals Thumbs up

Mofid will prepare a delicious
Palestinian Dinner

Cost 15 euros
Please RSVP for catering numbers
Please Bring Your Own Drink

My English Club friends are from all over the world: 
Israel, Palestine, Brazil, India, Ireland, Armenia, Angola, America, Canada, Mexico, Iran, Korea, China,Haiti, Khazakistan, Rwanda, Lebanon...
What A Wonderful World
will be one great song to share....
Everyone is welcome to bring a short poem or song

RainbowRed heart

"Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love." - Martin Luther King, Jr.,
Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?, 1967.


Teatro L'Arciliuto
The private conversations between G-d and Moses in 
The English Theatre of Rome's presentation of

"Last Words"

by  Roy Doliner
featuring Eddie Zengeni

27 April 2011 at 9pm

Opening Night -10 euros
See you at the Theatre!

Monday 18 April 2011
English Club Special - 10 euros
Teatro Arciliuto

Tara Flynn makes

Big Noise

to Rome alongside her varied characters, parodies, chats with her own original comedy songs - all with a twisted spin.


Dear English Club Friends:
I am delighted to invite you to another great
English Club Dinner Party!

It's going to be a
Hot Hot Mexican Fiesta!!

Maria Rosa Vasquez & her amigos Musicians 

Pia Johansen
preparing the

delicious Mexican Dish - see menu below

Saturday 9th April / sabato 9 aprile 2011
9pm (21.00)

English Club, 3a via Aventina
Cost 15 euros
RSVP a must for catering numbers please!
(vegetarian Tacos can be supplied by request)

Tasty Stuffed Tacos
filled with savory ground beef or chicken
shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream Toppings
sliced olives, chopped jalapenos, fresh cilantro & thinly sliced red onions
Crisp Torillas waiting to be dipped in salsa

Peace & Love RainbowRed heart

Sunday Spring Sale 
Via Aventina 3a

Sunday 27 March / Domenica 27 marzo 2011
5pm - 8.00pm (17.00 - 20.00)




2 euro Entrance Fee
 Includes Tea or Coffee or a Glass of ProseccoCocktail
Hope to see you on SundaySun

8pm onwards.....
Tom & His Cats Performing at Gregory's


English Club
Special Dinner Party
Rainbow Red heart

Sabato 12 / Saturday 12 March 2011
via Aventina 3a Int. 6
21.00 /9pm

Mofid - La Cena Plate
Jude/Kami - Video/Musica
InasStar - Danza del ventre Tribale

Il menu:
Hommos crema di ceci
Muttabal crema di melanzane
Tabulè insalata di grano
Kafta carne con patate
Riso mufalfal riso speziato

Price: 12.00 euros

Please bring your own drink

Dear English Club Friends:

Hope to see you for another evening
of fun live Jazz at Gregory's

with Tom & His Cats

Sunday 20 February
Domenica 20 febbraio 2011
alle 20.00.....see flyer attached

Dear English Club Friends
Sunday Special

It is with great pleasure to extend an invitation to you from 

Yuri Antonosante 
to spend a very special Aperitivo event together!!

on Sunday 6th February 2011
8pm onwards...
Palazzo Ferrajoli , Piazza Colonna 355

DRESS CODE: Casual Chic;
Ingresso € 15,00
(Drink, Buffet e Guardaroba).

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday Cocktail

Dear English Club Friends

Cinema in English
The King's Speech - Il Discorso del Re

Thursday 3rd February 2011
20.10 (8.10pm)

Cinema Nuovo Olimpia

Dear English Club Friends
There is a new exciting English Theatre Production
External Lines - Director: Douglas Dean

Let's get together on:
Saturday 22nd January 2011
at 9pm
If we are a group of at least 10 then tickets cost only 10 euros
Teatro Belli
P.zza Sant'Apollonia 11/a

by William Shakespeare

Eternal Lines is proud to present a fast-moving and dynamic new production of Julius Caesar. Eight actors, six male and two female, lead you through Shakespeare's political masterpiece, bringing to life one of history's most infamous assassinations and the dramatic stories of manipulation, betrayal and revenge that surrounded it.
Dear English Club Friends
"Let's Enjoy Another Brindisi Together"
after the Christmas & New Year's Festivities!!
English Club

Friday 7th January 2011
Everyone Bring Something - Life is for Sharing Red heart
See You On FridayCocktail
New English Courses Starting
For those who wish to continue the evening together
we can go to the Shiva Club
in Testaccio from 23.00 onwards.....
Dear English Club Friends
A last gathering before Christmas!
English Club
3a Via Aventina Int. 6
Sunday 19th December 2010
5.00pm (17.00) - 8pm (20.00)
Another chance to Buy Assunta's
delicious homemade Marmalade & Chutney
On Sale - an ideal Christmas Gift
Please read below for details
For those who wish to continue the evening together
There is The Salon Aperitivo at Palazzo Ferrajoli 
from 8pm onwards
with excellent food and drink & dancing until midnight...

Friday Happy Hour - Assunta's Aperitivo
English Club
3a Via Aventina Int. 6
Friday 3rd December
7.00pm (19.00)-9.30pm (21.30)
Welcoming Assunta
with her very special homemade Marmalade & Chutney
On Sale - a perfect Christmas Gift
Come and enjoy the unique taste and flavour of Assunta's
Marmalade & Chutney - please read below for details:
Dear English Club Friends
Yosl Rakover Speaks to G-d
Adapted for the stage and 
performed by David Mandelbaum
Directed by Amy Coleman

Amongst the ruins of the ghetto of Warsaw, burried beneath heaps of charred rubbish, there was found, packed tightly into a small bottle, the following testament, written during the ghetto’s last hours by a Jew named Yosl Rakover.

John Cabot University

via Lungara 233

English Club Rate 10 euros
Sunday 28
November 2010 6pm
Monday 29th
November 2010 8pm
Tuesday 30th
November 2010 8pm

Melanie & Pasquale's
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting 

Friday 19th November 2010  

6.30pm to 9.30pm

Come and taste this year’s olive oil on a simple bruschetta
and have a glass of wine with us too

Olive Oil on sale for 35 euros 5 litres



Dear English Club Friends
The Rome Savoyards
Heartbreak House
G.B. Shaw
directed by
Sandra Prevost
Sunday 7th November
Ticket: 12 euros
Teatro San Genesio
via Podgora 1

Enjoy your English!
See you at the Theatre on SundaySun

Dear English Club Friends:

Latin Project with Maria Rosa Vasquez

The Cotton Club
Via Bellinzona 2

Friday 22nd October at 10pm 2010

Let's dance...
To a mix of South American
Cuban & Brazilian music!!


Dear English Club Friends:

With the kind support of John Cabot University

Ford Entertainment presents the 

1938 Pulitzer prized play
Our Town

by Thornton Wilder

Saturday 16 October 2010


English Club price: 10 euros

John Cabot University

via della Lungara 233


Dear Friends
Care amiche, Cari Amici

The summer is now officially over...
Time to meet up after the long holiday!

English Club Open House
3a Via Aventina
Int. 6
Monday 27th September
6.00pm (18.00) to midnight (24.00)

Please bring something to drink or eat!
Life is for sharing
But most important of all...
Bring joy and your beautiful smile

English Club Courses starting in October
Placement Form available
New "Specialized Parties" will be on offer this year!

Bring your flyers and spread your news....
 So much to do and learn!

  • Mona's Belly Dancing classes
  • Veronica's Afro-Dance classes
  • Claire's Sculpture classes
  • Eyes Wide Shut film Series

Hope to see you on Monday....
Spero ci vediamo lunèdi....

sabato 9 ottobre 2010
Angelo Mai Occupato
viale delle Termine di Caracalla 55a 

Il 9 ottobre del 1940 nasce John Lennon. Per i suoi 70 anni abbiamo deciso di organizzare una grande festa. Ogni anno sarà scandito da una sua canzone. A interpretarla saranno ogni volta musicisti diversi, uniti dalla voglia di festeggiare. Un atto d’amore attraverso la sua musica.


Dear English Club Friends
Everyone is invited!!
Open House Party
Wednesday 7th July 2010
English Club (Int.6)
3a Via Aventina
Everyone Bring Something!!
Let's Mix & Mingle
before we take off for the Summer......


Dear English Club Friends
The brilliant Tennessee Williams - a must!
Special English Club price - 10 euros
Saturday 5th June at 5pm
Sunday 6th June at 5pm

Dear English Club Friends

I am happy to announce
Gaby Ford's A Broad Abroad
showing this Saturday 22nd May
at 5pm - 10 euros
(matinee 17.00)
A Broad Abroad
Written and Performed by Gaby Ford
Directed by Dyanne White

Dear English Club Friends
We have a special offer for the
Opening Show
Wednesday 12th May 2010
10 euros


90 minutes of parody
Lynn Ruth Miller

who reveals the real joy of aging!!image1


Dear English Club Friends
Classic James Bond 1964 Film
(in English with English subtitles)
Wednesday 21st April 2010
Colosseum Garage Gallery
Via di San Giovanni in Laterano 20
Doors open at 7pm
Live Music - Beatles classics
Pasta & Wine
10 euros
Film Starts at 8pm
Come on - let's relive the
Swinging Sixties!
Dig out some classic 60s clothes
Don't be square - see you there
Enjoy your English
Dear English Club Friends:
in collaboration with
The Colosseum Garage Gallery
You are invited to
Classic Film Night
The Great Dictator (1940)
Charlie Chaplin

A Satire and Spoof of Adolph
Wednesday 10th March 2010
Door Opens at 7pm - Film starts at 8pm
Pasta & Wine 10pm
Via di San Giovanni in Laterano, 20
8 doors from the Colosseum

10 euros  
(5 Euro for Members of
Elegant or Crazy!!

Dear English Club Friends:
Let's go to the "opening matinee" at
5pm on Saturday 27th February 2010

English Club Special Discount 10 euors
Come along this Saturday for laughter & fun

What do a diva suitemate, a young lover with prescient dreams, a landlord's drunken nephew, and a baseball player, 25 and retired, all have in common?

A World Premiere

Finishing the Kitchen

written and directed by Patricia Gaborik

assistant direction by Louise Vinciguerra

with Jason Atkinson, Ruairidh Beaumont, Laurence Belgrave, Maggie Corbett,

Maddie D'Arcangelo, Marsha De Salvatore, Francesca Romana Garroni,

Jim McManus, Benjamin Stender, Stephanie Tyrrell, Nicola Williams.

Six short plays where the hijinks and heartaches of moving in (and out!) make us wonder if learning to live with others also means learning to live with ourselves. The perfect show for ex-pats and Italians alike: those just arrived, those vowing daily to leave, and those eternally seeking the perfect home.


Private Party - Let's start to warm-up 2010
with music and dance....

English Club
3a via Aventina, Int. 6

Musician friends please bring your instruments..
everyone else bring joy & energy to compliment
Shakeeb's DJ skills....

Saturday 16th January
9pm onwards....
Food & Drink contributions much appreciated....

See you on Saturday - ci vediamo sabato
Let's meet before the Christmas Holiday
English Theatre

Sunday 13 December 2009 at 8pm - 12 euros.
See you there for laughter and fun!

The English Theatre of Rome

Festive, Fertile, Funny and Fresh!

- our seasonal evening dedicated to new script development -

Start at the Beginning

Directed by Matthew T Reynolds

Assistant Direction by Nicola Ferlei Brown

Devised with Delia Briosnan Gallaher, Rashmi Bhatt, Georgia Darell,

Flaminia Fegarotti, Francesca Garroni, Giulia Jones,

Francesca MacKay, Michael Monkhouse, & Patricia Skea.

Join us for our thrilling annual evening of original sketches, cutting edge writings which introduces performers new to our stage. This year, these ebullient artists fearlessly tackle the complexities of beginning relationships in situations ranging from romantic to transactional.

A night not to be missed!

My English Club Theatre Fans!
Go any day when you can

I'm going on Sunday 6th December 2009
Don't be square - be there!

The Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award Winner


by David Auburn

When a famous mathematician dies, his daughter is left to carry on his legacy amidst doubts regarding a very important aspect of his work. The link between genius and madness and whether either, or both, can be inherited emerges when authorship of a mathematical proof is questioned.

This subtle, witty story of human relationships amid family and friends

asks large questions and examines the uncertainties of love, trust, and personal integrity.

Directed by Catherine Durickas

Assistant Direction by Ben Stender

with Jason Atkinson, Michael Fitzpatrick,

Katie McGovern and Tara Elise Thomas

The English Theatre of Rome @Teatro l'Arciliuto


Dear English Club Friends:

Before the madness of Christmas!
Let's Have A Merry Mix

Open House
English Club
Sunday 29 November 2009
4pm to midnight

Plenty of Food & Drink
Everyone bring something!
Bring your Cards, Flyers & Brochures
Cari amici Care amiche!
...una serata dopocena d'autunno all'insegna della worldwide music ed amicizia!
Sabato 17 ottobre 2009 dalle 21.30 in poi...
English Club di Elisabeth Crawford
I musicisti sono benvenuti ancor di più se accompagnati dai loro strumenti musicali!
Gli invitati tutti sono benvenuti se accompagnati da una bottiglia di vino!
Vi aspettiamo e vi raccomandaiamo di osare con qualsiasi look o proposta creativa in genere...
Dear English Club Friends:
Open House
Welcome Back Drinks Party!
9th September 2009
English Club
5.30pm to 11.30pm
Come and enjoy a drink & meet old & new friends after the Summer Holiday!


Dear English Club Friends,
It is with great pleasure to send you details of the next English Theatre Production 
before we disappear for the summer! 
Wednesday 22nd July 2009
Director Dustin Wills 
("Ophelia" "The Moths") 
is back!
English Club rate 12 euros.
See you at the Theatre - if not - 
Have a Wonderful Summer!


Dear English Club Friends!

English Club "Arabian" Party
To welcome the start of the Summer!
Friday 19 June 2009
Dress Code: "Adventurous Arabic" 
Dancing Shoes!
With special Guest:
Mona from "Il Vento del Sahara"
and a "piccolo" performance
by Elizabeth's Belly Dance Class!
Shakeeb will be our Music Master & Video DJ
Obama's speech to the Arab World 
in Cairo was impressive.
Excellent practice for your English 
so please take the time to read it!
Dear English Club friends!

It is with great pleasure to tell you that Gaby Ford is directing a play by Harold Pinter - The Birthday Party.
Please remember as friends of Elizabeth's English Club you have a discount price of 10 euros as long as you are in a minimum group of three.
Wed. 27 May, Thur. 28 May, Fri. 29 May 2009

The Birthday Party

di Harold Pinter

regia di Gaby Ford

con James Butterfield, Georgia Darell,

Douglas Dean, Micheal Fitzpatrick,

Jim McManus and Shelagh Stuchbery.

(A newfangled and diverting experience of why in 1958 the Sunday Times thought Pinter to be "the most disturbing and arresting talent in theatrical London" and why he is still today.)


Special Event

Are you ready to party Bollywood style again? 
Bollywood is coming to Rome for the first time!

Thanks to our Belly Dance teacher Mona we have been told about this show coming to Rome!

Sunday 3rd May 2009 at 5.30pm

Helen your beautiful Sari is a must! 
Let's get into the mood & dress up & party
dopo il spettacolo!!

Tickets from 50 euros to 37 euros 

Saturday Night Special!

Saturday 4th Apri
l 2009 

English Club
via Aventina 3a
9pm onwards...

We would like to share at least three special moments during the course of the evening:

  • Elisabetta Tucci - Soluzioni Jazz
  • A brindisi to Steven after his long stay from Japan
  • A brindisi and gift to Charmaine and Graziano who have recently got married

Let's finish the evening with Music & Dance! 

Dear English Club Friends:

English Film Night

The Duchess with Keira Knightely

The Hotel Lancelot

via Capo d'Africa 47 (The Conference Room)

Thursday 5th February 2009
Time:  9.15pm

Dear English Club friends:

May we call upon you to support an important
Charity Event to help rebuild Gaza. 

Friday 30 January 2009

A disco party may not seem fitting to some but it does provide the opportunity to get many people together for a well needed cause.

We also believe through music and dance we can show that the human spirit will never be broken by bombs - true humanity will always win!

Dove: Hulala'

Indirizzo: Via Dei Conciatori 7 (Testaccio)

Ora: Dopo le 22:30

Giorno: Venerdi 30 Gennaio

costo: 5 euro (to charity)
10 euro ingresso


Dear English Club Friends!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first English Theatre show of 2009 and learn about the History of Swearing!

As friends of the English Club you can enjoy a discount rate of 10 euros as long as you are part of a group of at least 3 people:

The English Theatre of Rome presents

Alexis Dubus



Alexis Dubus' debut solo show, recently a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe 2008, where many shows contained swearing at the Festival, but only one that went into detail about our wonderful 4-letter friends. "A R#ddy Brief History of Swearing" is one man's attempt to discover why a handful of words in the English language still have the power to shock, offend and amuse in equal measure. Alexis uncovers the science of swearing, the ancestry of all your favourite swears, and why we do it in the first place. As informative as it is funny, packed with facts, fables, funnies and other words beginning with F, you're guaranteed a r#ddy good time.

Teatro l'Arciliuto
Piazza Montevecchio 5
(near Navona)

Thursday, Friday & Saturday
15, 16 & 17 January 2009



Bye Bye Bush...Bienvenuto Barak!
Facciamo una Brindisi
English Club
Friday 7 November 2008
(Happy Hour!)

Bring A Bottle!
3a via Aventina

The English Theatre of Rome presents:

Fresh from the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival


From Victorian values to the myths of Empire, Ms. Shelly Cooper elaborates about the confusion around culture and fear of fundamentalism and what does it mean to be British? Culture, history, religion, politics, the flag, the Queen - come find out.

By and with Shelley Cooper

Teatro L'Arciliuto, Piazza Montevecchio 5
(Piazza Navona)

Thursday & Friday 30th & 31st October 2008
at 9pm

All friends of the English Club
benefit from a group rate of
10 euros


English Club Welcome Back Party!

Thursday 18 September 2008
(giovedi 18 settembre)

7pm onwards..
3a via Aventina, int. 6

Bring your Summer Smile & Story
Hats a Bonus!
(plus anything else to keep the energy flowing)
English Courses to start soon


"A Broad Abroad"
.... (Una pupa d'altre sponde)

scritto ed interpretato da Gaby Ford
con la regia di Dyanne White

Una viaggio in cinque continenti e
ventiquattro paesi alla ricerca della sanità di mente.
Storie vere di vita e di sopravvivvenza

giovedì 9, venerdì 10
e sabato 11 luglio 2008
alle ore 21,00

English Club Party
..continuing 5 Years of Fun

Feathers, Foulards & Fantasy....

Think Pink!!

Saturday 23 February 2008
9.30pm till late...
via Aventina 3a

Bottle of Bubbly & Cake a Bonus!!
Elizabeth & Shakeeb


"English Club - 5th Year Anniversary"
Aperitivo Party
Saturday 22 December
7pm till late...

Let's All Enjoy a
Happy Happening Before The Holidays!!!

I would like to give a special warm thank you to the Artists below who have generously shared their talent with the English Club:
Massimo di Martino
Sergio Giuseppetti
Cinzia Carbonelli & Adriana Seganti
Alessandro Caruso
Steven Grieco
Nail Chiodo
Charmaine Wilkinson
Giovanna Ranaldi
Massimo Bomba
Paola Mazzetti
Francesca Roperto
Roberta Arangeli
Shakeeb Khan

and of course the marvelous musicians:
Maria Rosa
Harold Bradley
Antonio Datola
Graziano Nori & Marco
Tom Shaker
Stefano Moretti & friends
last, but not least
Gaby Ford
who has given us enlightening entertainment with the
English Theatre of Rome


Previous Events

Dear English Club Friends,
The English Theatre of Rome
Thursday 6, Friday 7 and Saturday 8 December
at 9pm
Teatro Arciliuto
Piazza Montevecchio 5 (near Piazza Navona)
English Club rate 12 euros
Please read details below
Hope to see you there - great fun and practice for your English!
With the patronage of the Comune di Roma, assessorato alle politiche culturali, Ford Entertainment presents
The English Theatre Of Rome in
MOMMY: More On Modern Monologues, Yeah!
A series of brand new monologues
directed by Christian Boyle by and with Rick Breco, Doug Dean, Micheal Monkhouse, John Penate, Matthew Reynolds, & Steven Spelar
MOMMY is conceived as a recurring event which introduces new authors (BOYS ONLY) through a series of new writings. The work comes from different backgrounds and reflects the varied life styles and choices of the twenty first century. The situation is both humane and humorous resounding the upbeat, down trodden and mind boggling aspects of love life.

Reservations Recommended: tel. 06.687.9419 (after 4),
or RSVP SMS: 3489.355.626, TCKTS: 15€, 12€.


Sunday 18 November
Aperitivo - English Club
5pm to 6.45pm

Theatre - St Stephen's School (next door)
7pm to 8.30pm

Performance Exchange presents:
Shakespeare For Dummies
Funny Quiz Show with audience participation - excerpts from Hamlet, King Lear, Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet etc.
Tickets 15 euros
Hope to see you on Sunday!

Dear English Club Friends
Please see below the next production from
The English Theatre of Rome
Opening night on Friday 21st September at 9pm
English Club Group Price 12 euros - please reserve directly

Ford Entertainment presents
The English Theatre of Rome
in a world premiere play
inspired by Virginia Woolf's Orlando

directed and designed by Dustin Wills*,
devised with Spring Karlo and the performers: Amy Briggs, Luke Charles, Lorenza Damiani, Nicole Ferlei-Brown, Gaby Ford, and with the assistant direction of Angelo Carotenuto.

A wacky, purgatory journey through mythological Greece and the mind of Virginia Woolf.
A sexless wanderer searches through the desert, digging a new hole for every memory it once possessed. The arduous process of putting ones self back together (re-membering.) drives an androgynous youth to seduce Herakles in a dress, transform from man to woman, take advice from a fish, have tea with Virginia Woolf, and ultimately codify the life cylce of the genus species; Cyamathoe Caeneas.

Teatro l’Arciliuto montevecchio 5, near pza navona
tckts: 15 euro, reduced 12 euro.
Hope to see you at the Theatre!

English Club
"Bollywood Party"
Invitation Only
Sunday 9th September
7pm onwards
via Aventina 3a
Dress Colourful - Indian, African or Arabic
Hats, Headscarves & Turbans a Bonus!
BYOB Please or anything you fancy!
Elizabeth & Shakeeb

English Club Invitation
Friday 29 June 7.30pm
English Comedy Theatre
in the Roman Forum
Free Entrance

Best to be there before 7.30pm to get a good seat on the steps of the church or bring something to sit on.
After the show we can go to Trastevere for a light Mediterranean meal at Tallusa in Trastevere
The MIRACLE PLAYERS will perform this 40 minute comedy, free of charge, at the Roman Forum in front of the Mamertine Prison every Friday evening at 7:30 pm, from June 22 until August 10, 2007.
Five actors, from Scotland, England, Australia, America and Italy engaged in an original "street theatre" that uses ingenious means to differentiate characters and reveal the plot, simplifying the life of Caesar so that even the actors understand what is going on! And that's saying something.

Art Aperitivo
Roberta Arangeli
"Sequined Mini Coopers"

Sunday 13 May - 7pm buy or not to buy is the question....
Free Entrance
Food & drink contribution much appreciated!

The English Clubs of Rome and IIItaly
Jazz Concert and Lyrics Class
music by
Tom and his Cats

Sunday, May 6, 7 pm (19:00)
Early Start - get there on time to get a good seat
Gregory's Jazz Club
Via Gregoriana, 54 a
top of the spanish steps
Free Entrance


Dear English Club Friends
Art Aperitivo

Sunday 18 March 7pm
3a Via Aventina - Int. 6

Presenting the paintings of
Paola Mazzetti
"Il gioco delle tre parole"

Handmade Ceramics
by Francesca Roperto


Fun & Film organised by Gaby Ford Entertainment
Let's meet for the kick-off of this
Fun Film Festival
which lasts all week-end!

Friday 26th January
5.30pm to 7.30pm Aperitivo
7.30pm films starts
Open all night come when you can
English Club Rate - 8 euros

Teatro Arciliuto
Piazza Montevecchio 5 (near Piazza Navona)


My dear English Club Friends - A New Year Gathering!
Art Aperitivo
Massimo Bomba
"Illustrazione e Fantasie"
Short Poetry Reading by Steven Grieco
(Italian & English)

Sunday 14 January
6pm onwards
English Club - via Aventina 3a


world premier
Women write, Women direct, We all laugh
with the support of the comune di Roma
weaves together an exceptional group of contemporary women dramatists, performers and brand new monologues in English that embody the impact of women on theatre today.

part 1:
6 authors, 8 girls: directed by Dyanne White
new works by
Terianne Falcone, Gaby Ford, Mara Lathrop, Susan McCully, Lillian Santos and Dyanne White.
EJ Ortiz Boria, Chrissie Boyle, Terianne Falcone, Gaby Ford, Mandy Moore, Melissa Palleschi,
Parysa Pourmoneshi & Dyanne White

part one:
saty dec 9th matinee at 6pm & at 9pm,
tues dec 12th, wed dec 13th, fri dec 15th, at 9 pm.

part two in febuary
part three in april

The English Theatre of Rome
teatro l’arciliuto montevecchio 5, near navona
book today! tel. 06.687.9419 (after 4 pm), 3489.355.626, info: 06.444.1375
tckts: 15 euro, 12 euro, language school group rate available

Sunday 3rd December
6pm onwards
Aperitivo Party Confirmed
Poetry & Readings
with Steven & Charmaine

English Club - 3a Via Aventina

English Club Friends Invitation
written and directed by Dustin Wills

Teatro L'Arciliuto
Opening Wednesday 22 November 9pm
Also showing:
Sat. 25 Nov. 6pm, Sun. 26 6pm & 9pm

Piazza Montevecchio 5 (near Piazza Navona)
Group price 12 euros
(please say you are part of Elizabeth's English Club group)

English Club friends are invited for a pre-drink show on
Thursday November 9th at 8pm

Robin Ince Isn't Waving
(Stand-up Comedian one man show)

Show starts at 9pm
Teatro L'Arciliuto
Piazza Montevecchio 5 (near Piazza Navona)
Group price 12 euros

Sunday 8th October
6pm onwards


English Club
Via Aventina 3A

Friday 21st July at 7pm

End of Summer English Club Gathering
The Miracle Player's in English
"The Emperors of Rome"

Free Entrance
Place to meet:
The Roman Forum - in front of the Mamertine Prison
(behind Piazza Venezia)

We can go for a drink afterwards
Please see website for more info

Sunday 11th June
Relaxed Gathering to enjoy
Giovanna Ranaldi's Fable
"La Fata Dormigliona"
Sasha's Mirrors
accompanied hopefully by live music
English Club - via Aventina 3a
6.30pm onwards
BYOB or anything is much appreciated!

Saturday 20th May

Mirrors/Jewellery Exhibition Party

and Giovanna Ranaldi will present her illustrated fable
La fata addormentata"

via Aventina 3/a (English Club)
BYOB or anything you fancy thanks!
9.00pm onwards

With the kind support of the Canadian EmbassyFord Entertainment presents
The English Theatre of Rome in...
The Melville Boys
by Norm Foster

Directed by John Penate
Featuring: Nick Nocivelli & Parysa Pourmoneshi
Introducing: Gabrielle Chiararo & Al Mariotti
Set by Lesley Welson
Costumes by Nicola Ferlei-Brown
Assistant Production by Barbara Hall
Assistant Direction & Lights by Jessica Hanley
Produced by Gaby Ford

April 20, 21, 22 & 23 at 9 pm
Saturday April 22 matinee at 5pm
from May 4 to May 18

TEATRO L’ARCILIUTO Montevecchio 5 (near Navona)

Reservations: tel. 06.687.9419 (after 4), Info 06.444.1375

Short Story/ Prose Aperitivo
Sunday 30 April 6pm

English Club - 3a Via Aventina

Presenting the works of
Steven Grieco - The Flying Flute
Nail Chiodo - Incontri Ravvvicinati con Fellini

The English Club
in collaboration with Fiorella, Mel & Erika
are very happy to extend an invitation
to a special English Film event at Nick's Movie Club.

We have chosen the film documentary
"The Corporation"
 winner of 24 International Awards.

Sunday 9th April at 17.30 (5.30pm)
Nick's Movie Club - via Nomentana 175 - (scala destra)

Refeshments and a discussion will follow after the film in English
cost 5 euros. 

"Aperitivo con l'arte di Caruso"

Sunday 12th March
18.30 - 22.00
Sat 18th -Sun 19th 18.30 - 22.00
via Aventina 3/a (English Club)
Free Entrance.

Sunday 19th Febrary - 17.00

Claire Dowie - H to He
I'm turnin into a Man
(sto diventando un uomo)

Teatro Vascello
(Monteverde Vecchio)

Please visit her website
and you will see how anticonformist she is!
(the play is running 14-19 Feb)

Saturday 18th February - 18.30

The Girl With The Pearl Earring

Nick's Movie Club
via Nomentana 175 (scala destra)

Please visit website
Very interesting.
We can talk about the film afterwards.

Friday 27th January - 9pm

"La Locandiera"

di Carlo Goldoni

Teatro Ghione
( via delle Fornaci 37, near St Peter's)

Special price for English Club group 10 euro

Sunday 15th January - 7pm

Aperitivo and Jazz

Tom & His Jazz Cats

Gregory's Jazz Bar (via Gregoriana - above Spanish Steps)

5 euros on first drink

Look forward to seeing you after the holidays!

Saturday 17th December
Party in Trastevere
with Mel & Elizabeth

at 10pm
Bring a Bottle and your Dancing Shoes!

from Saturday 26th November
Gaby Ford Presents:
A staged reading of the book in English
by Kathrine Kressmann Taylor
Directed by Michael Fitzpatrick
Adapted and performed by Roy Doliner
featuring Douglas Dean

Winner of the 1990 Pulitzer prize for Drama
by A. R. Gurney

Teatro L'Arciliuto, Montevecchio 5
Reservations: tel. 06.687.9419 (after 4), Info 06.444.1375

Sunday 13th November
Aperitivo/Photo Exhibition
Cinzia Carbonelli & Adriana Seganti
"Carne & Verdura"

via Aventina 3/a (English Club)
5pm to 11pm (17.00-23.00)
Free Entrance.




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